this is how we do it (H) haha. loves a mwi moment 8-) ive pretty much stayed at nikkis the past week. izzy asked me to <3 lawl. fair to say we’ve been drinking most nights, think we need to stop .. anyways, this was an eventful night to say the least .. but the picture says it all (: me nikki and scott felt we needed protection for certain reasons so got the safety gear on! and well grant just couldnt resist the supergirl :)) so yeah, we had some bants. ALL MY LIFE, WATCHING AMERICA (8) and we loves the absolute fear when you think someone is going to petrol bomb you :( haha. just have to say, more nights like this on the way! exams are over after tomorrow :D i love you guys <3 xx
quote of the day:"whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.”- thomas jefferson 
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    obv i love being supergirl more than superman
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